1. Do you ship your mats internationally?

We can ship anywhere in the world unfortunately the cost of shipping from Australia is very high and the shipping price per mat is anywhere from $80-$130 depending on your location.

Given the overwhelming response we have had since releasing our mats we are sourcing distributors in a number of countries and we will be happy to let you know once they have started stocking our mats in your country.

Please go to our contact page to send us your details so that we can update you with progress in your country.

2. Can we order a custom design with our logo name on it?

We are able to produce custom designs however due to the setup costs there is a minimum of 10 mats required. The time frame is approx. 3-6 months so please if you are ordering for a special event/National allow plenty of time for the design, manufacturing and shipment process.

Our custom mats make great prizes and merchandise for Specialities, Nationals, and Finals etc. Please contact us for samples of our recent designs and a club price list.

3. Are Paws 4 Effect able to provide sponsorship or a donation for our event?

Paws 4 Effect are unable to offer any further donations/sponsorships for 2012. Limited Sponsorships will be available in 2013; requests can be made via our contact page. All requests will be considered and successful clubs will be notified in Jan/Feb 2013. Freight costs for sponsored/donated goods will be the responsibility of the requesting clubs unless otherwise agreed.

Sponsorship is not available to clubs outside of Australia.